The SGWU BC has drafted our economic platform for bargaining. A brief summary is also available at the following link. A longer version, now revised to incorporate member feedback, is available here and in the preview below.

The longer bullet points were voted on by membership to adopt as our bargaining platform, and serve as the basis for our economic proposals to Stanford in the bargaining process. The ratification vote ran from April 25 to May 15, 2024, among grad workers who have signed their union card.

The membership overwhelmingly voted to approve this platform, with 1,689 voters and over 98% voting YES! The Bargaining Committee is enthusiastic to present robust and detailed articles to Stanford in order to win a contract that secures this platform. By mutual agreement between the BC and the University, the economic proposals will not be put on the table until we can further resolve our key non-economic issues. Stay informed via regular bargaining updates.