Welcome to the SGWU Bargaining Tracker, where you can track the back-and-forth between SGWU Bargaining Committee and Stanford on our first contract. It is also available at the following link.

How to Read the Tracker

The documents linked are not necessarily the form in which Stanford and SGWU sent the proposals. Rather, these are Microsoft-Word-generated comparisons against a document selected by SGWU to best communicate the back and forth to SGWU members.

The format of these auto-generated comparisons is called a legal blackline, which is a standard way of representing comparisons with the following rules.

  • removed text is struck through
  • added text is underlined

Since there is no color, the comparisons are clear even in black and white (as it was done historically). Microsoft Word sometimes colors something green to indicate that the text was moved (but it is still struck through and underlined) to be slightly more helpful. SGWU does not introduce colors or highlights; therefore, other highlights are artifacts from Stanford’s documents (e.g., highlighting an article number as TBD to remember that articles might be renumbered later).

The name of the link on the tracker is the side that proposed the draft. There are two ways to determine whether the linked proposal is being compared against the prior SGWU proposal or to the prior Stanford proposal. First, the title of the document will say “against SGWU/Stanford” along with the date of the proposal. Second, the document being compared against is evident in the header of each document. In an SGWU against SGWU, the blackline will show the original date crossed out and the new date added back in because we always put the date in the header (e.g., SGWU’s 2/2/24 Article 16 against SGWU’s 1/12/24). Within the header, since 01-1202-02, one can see this is the 2/2/24 proposal against the 1/12/24 proposal.

Example Readings

In Stanford’s proposal on Article 2 Recognition on 12/14/2023 in the 3rd paragraph, Stanford added (underlined in the blackline) the exclusion of Fellows from our unit. We struck that language in our proposal on 2/2/24 because we know Fellows do the same work and deserve the same protections as everyone else.

In Stanford’s proposal on Article 8 Non-Discrimination on 12/14/2023 in Section B, Stanford added (underlined in the blackline) the exclusion an of enforceable discrimination and harassment protection. We struck that language in our proposal on 2/2/24 because we know Graduate Workers need to have enforceable protections regarding harassment and discrimination.